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Our webinars aim to help solve application challenges, answer material questions, and provide valuable technical advice. Have a question? Ask our experts.

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This webinar covers the new changes in the replacement standard, ANSI/NEMA IM 60000-2021 2021 Industrial Laminated Thermosetting Products, that has been in effect since February, 2022. Tune-in and listen to one of the authors explain what has changed.

The composites industry is constantly being shaped and reshaped by myriad forces – people, markets, technologies – all exciting, innovative new ways to apply fiber-reinforced materials in everything from boats and wind blades to airplanes and automobiles. Tune in to learn more about composite design solutions.

Demanding power supply and battery applications require polymer solutions to aid in efficient design and cost-reduction exercises without sacrificing performance. In this on-demand webinar, learn how Polypropylene delivers an effective solution for demanding, cost-sensitive mass production for switchgear, electronics, and e-mobility industry.

One way to improve the efficiency of motors and generators is by utilizing magnetic wedges in their stator designs. This webinar will review the products’ materials, applications, and proper use. We will also discuss common failures and what causes these in applications using magnetic wedges.

G-Frac Webinar Feb 1-05-01

High-Performance Composite Material
Solutions for Frac Plugs & Casing Tools

Proper material selection is critical to success when designing new oil and gas tools. Since this industry continues to utilize high-performance composite materials in frac plugs, casing tools, and other components, it is imperative to understand the advantages and limitations to optimize the design while minimizing cost.

The Evaluation of Elevated Temperature Performance of Materials

Learn how to determine the many ways to evaluate the long-term thermal performance of materials. Dr. Chiang will discuss how to navigate the minefields of thermal endurance testing. He will also provide a deeper dive into Relative Temperature Index and Thermal Classes. 

Mechanical Comparisons of
Electrical Insulation Materials

Mechanical properties of materials under various environments and stress conditions are as important as electrical properties for product performance and reliability. For Oil and Gas, Transit, Medical, Space, and Aerospace Products, mechanical properties are often the most crucial consideration. However, material standard requirements are meaningless without standardized test methods.

PFAS Regulations and Electrical
Industry Ramifications

A one-of-a-kind webinar experience that promises to expand your understanding and utilization of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS).  You’ll gain firsthand knowledge of how PFAS’s unique characteristics can be a catalyst for innovation in your offerings. We’re not just talking about minor improvements; we’re discussing groundbreaking enhancements that can redefine what’s possible in your market.