Molded Standoff Insulators from The Gund Co.

The Gund Company is excited to announce that we have expanded our capability in the standoff insulator market. We now offer our own line of standoff insulators with our own UL file number in our name. We are currently stocking these insulators at our facilities. By adding a full line of competitively priced standoffs, we have further diversified our portfolio, increasing our ability to take care of your product needs, allowing customers to further consolidate their supply base.

trifecta-none-z0-w540-h420 The Gund Company’s integrated manufacturing of glass polyester laminate sheet, and pultruded angle and channel makes the standoff insulators a nice complement to these other product lines. For customers used to our quality fabricated components, delivered on-time with outstanding responsiveness, we expect to solve customer headaches by offering a product line that is identical in all dimensions and ratings to the historical product line. There will be no reason to change any drawings, as raw materials and dimensions will be engineered to be identical to the historical Glastic line.

Please request an updated standoff insulator line card by email: