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Frequently Asked Questions

With the rising costs of rent in California, The Gund Company decided to purchase a building and consolidate our two locations into one. This move will ensure our long-term viability in the Los Angeles area.

Yes. The Gund Company would be open to a visit or audit after we have completed the move. We will just need a little notification, so we have the proper resources available.

Yes. If you want to send me your ideas for re-qualification, we can start the dialogue. If needed, we can bring in our quality team to help us go through the details.

Really, it does not mean much change for you. You will continue to talk to the same customer service team. We will continue to take care of you like we always have. We will have additional capacity and resources available with the two locations consolidated into one.

Yes, you can continue to send orders to your same contact.


All orders will continue to be processed as usual.

Yes. You can continue working with the same team you have used in the past.


No. We will have dual operations going for a short period to ensure no disruption in your service.


No. All products will continue to be offered as before.