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The Advantages of G-Flex™
YT510 Meta-Aramid Paper

G-Flex™ YT510 is a high-performance insulation paper with unique advantages that can be utilized in many applications and industries. It is commonly used as primary insulation in motors, transformers, generators, switchgear, and power electronics where harsh conditions exist. The four primary advantages of G-Flex™ over other insulation papers include enhanced electrical properties, high thermal stability, excellent flame resistance, and good mechanical properties.

Electrical Performance


G-Flex YT510 is designed to work as a primary electrical insulation by itself or in conjunction with an insulating varnish. With no varnish YT-510 provides excellent dielectric strength and partial discharge properties compared to other insulating papers in the high temperature class. Table 1 shows how YT510 compares to other insulating papers with no insulating varnish added using standard test method ASTM D-149 for dielectric strength.

YT510 performance is enhanced when coupled with insulating varnish. Figure 1 compares YT510 dielectric strength vs Nomex® 410 after impregnation. The results show that YT510 has higher dielectric strength after impregnation compared to Nomex® 410.




Lastly, while dielectric strength is essential, partial discharge can often be the deciding design limitation for an insulation material. Table 2 below shows the partial discharge properties of the G-Flex™ YT510 aramid paper vs Nomex® 410 tested in oil. Both the inception and extinction voltages of the G-Flex™ YT510 aramid paper are higher, i.e., partial discharge happens later, and extinction is faster. The results indicate that G-Flex™ YT510 aramid paper will be able to endure slightly higher voltages over long periods of time. It can also indicate that G-Flex™ aramid paper will have more extended insulation and equipment life as there will be lower incidents of discharge over time.