G-Flex™ APA Laminates

G-Flex™ APA Laminates is a triplex aramid paper, and polyester film laminated together. Calendered and uncalendared papers and electrical grade polyester film bonded with patented high-temperature adhesive technique are ordered. At high temperatures, these laminates will not delaminate or blister. The polyester film provides excellent dielectric, rip, tensile, and burst strength. Long-term thermal stability is achieved using Aramid paper and high-temperature adhesive.

G-Flex™ APA laminates can be used as slot, phase, end turn insulation, ground, and wrapper insulation in dry-type transformers, generators, and various punched and fabricated parts. These laminates can be employed in hermetic applications since they have minimal volatiles. Standard 36-inch-wide rolls on 3-inch diameter cores are ordered. Requests for slit width rolls, cut sheets, unusual core sizes, and non-standard lengths may be possible.


testing amorphous materials for breakage

G-Flex™ for the Motors & Generators Markets

  • Slot liners

  • Turn insulation

  • Wire wraps

  • Phase insulation

  • Wire insulation sleeving

  • Coil bindings

G-Flex™ Laminates Literature



G-Flex™ Laminates Benefits

  • 155-180°C ratings
  • More cost-effective than pure aramid paper of the same thickness
  • High Tensile strength
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Excellent Impregnability
  • Thermally Stable
  • High Tear Strength