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A Comparison of Breakdown Voltage of G-Flex™ YT510 and 3-Layer Flexible Laminates G-Flex APA

While using Aramid Paper as a primary insulation in electrical equipment is expected, more applications use laminates made of aramid paper. The YT510 is a premium pure aramid paper used in UL EIS systems of up to 220°C, but most motor applications do not require this high-temperature system. This is where flexible laminates come into use.

APA is a versatile triplex laminate composed of calendared G-Flex YT510 bonded to polyester film with a proprietary high-temperature adhesive system. This laminate, known for its high-temperature resistance and non-delaminating properties, is widely used in manufacturing and remanufacturing motors and generators of various sizes and temperature classes. Its diverse applications span from slot liners, wedges, and phase insulation in Class H motors and generators to large and specialty Class F motors.

G-Flex APA advantages include the following:

 Insulation class F (up to 155°C) and class H (up to 180°C) 

• Three-layer insulation made of polyester film with an aramid layer applied on both sides. 

• Excellent chemical resistance to solvents 

• Excellent puncture resistance 

• High dielectric strength