TGC公司完成了对PCT (Power & Composite Technologies, LLC.)的收购。

The Gund Company, Inc. Acquires Power & Composite Technologies, LLC.


TGC公司宣布正式完成了对PCT (Power & Composite Technologies, LLC)的收购,此后 PCT将继续作为TGC公司的事业部开展业务。这一并购的完成,显著提升了TGC公司在开发全新解决方案和为客户提供高质量产品方面的实践能力。  

SAINT LOUIS, Updated July 30th, 2021 – The Gund Company is pleased to announce that the acquisition of Power & Composite Technologies, LLC (PCT) is officially complete. PCT will continue to do business as PCT – A division of The Gund Company.  The announcement solidifies The Gund Company’s commitment to developing new solutions and bringing high-quality products to its customers.


根得公司集团总裁史蒂夫.根得表示: “自拉里. 乔丹和杰瑞. 米汉创立以来,PCT通过为能源、医疗、石油天然气及运输市场提供定制类工程革新复合材料解决方案而蓬勃发展”“(完成合并后)两家公司将会在工程和产能方面形成优势互补,以共同继续为客户提供新型材料解决方案”

“Since its founding by Larry Jordan and Jerry Meehan, PCT has thrived by custom engineering innovative composite material solutions for power generation, medical, oil & gas, and transit market applications,” said Gund Company President Steve Gund. “The companies will bring together their complementary engineering and production capabilities to continue to drive innovative material solutions for our customers.”



The PCT production facilities in New Amsterdam, NY, and Xiamen, China, will continue to operate and serve their historical customers while leveraging the expanded composite manufacturing and fabrication capabilities of The Gund Company.



“We believe that our business model’s focus on taking care of each other allows our team to focus on taking care of our customers.”, said Gund Company President Steve Gund. “As a third-generation family business, we look forward to taking care of our new team of family members at PCT so we can take care of our customers for generations to come.”



About Power & Composite Technologies, LLC



With headquarters in Amsterdam, NY, Power & Composite Technologies is a leader in the manufacturing and fabrication of custom-engineered composite components.



About The Gund Company



The Gund Company is an industry-leading, vertically integrated manufacturer and fabricator of engineered material solutions. There are over 500 Gund Company employees across 9 locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China. With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, The Gund Company is a 3rd generation family-owned business that is 30% employee-owned. For more information, visit our website at




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