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Mechanical Comparisons of Electrical Insulation Materials

How to Choose Material Based on Mechanical Requirements

1 Hour

Mechanical properties of materials under various environments and stress conditions are as important as electrical properties for product performance and reliability. For Oil and Gas, Transit, Medical, Space, and Aerospace Products, mechanical properties are often the most crucial consideration. However, material standard requirements are meaningless without standardized test methods. 

The scope of this webinar is to provide a better understanding of three critical considerations for mechanical performance:

1.  Mechanical test comparisons and conditioning

2.  Interpretation of test data and results

3.  Validation of results through application testing


Key takeaways from attending this webinar:
  • Gain a better understanding of mechanical test standards for electrical insulation materials
  • How to avoid improper comparisons
  • Learn how to customize standard test methods.
Presenter: Solomon Chiang

Solomon Chiang is currently the Director of R&D for The Gund Company. Mr. Chiang holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and 30 years of industrial experience in polymeric and composite materials manufacturing and applications. He chairs the NEMA technical advisory committee for IM6 (Insulating Materials) and serves as secretary to IEC TC 15 (Solid Insulating Materials). Mr. Chiang is a member of IEEE PES and DEIS and is a voting member of the Transformer Committee. He is also a member of the Standard Technical Panel for UL1558 and UL224.

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 *Attendees are eligible to receive 1.0 CEUs.