The Process for Adding Equivalent Insulation Materials to UL Equipment


The purpose of this technical white paper is to present the process used by The Gund Company to assist our customers in adding equivalent insulation material to their UL-recognized electrical and electronic equipment. Many manufacturers originally tested their manufactured product to UL, ANSI, or IEEE standards. Those standards often refer to UL Standard 746C – Polymeric Materials: Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations and or UL 1446 – Systems of Insulating Materials.

Unfortunately, many older equipment designs and conventions specify insulation materials that no longer represent the most advanced material technology available to the market today. In fact, many companies have their UL End Product Section General or their material specification pages filled with materials that are no longer available or manufactured. As a result, many companies have limited themselves to one or two material tops despite having a dozen or more materials listed in the Section General.

Our technical white paper outlines a process for adding equivalent substitution materials to a UL Section General or their approved materials list for their manufactured product.

Click here to read the full white paper that outlines the process for adding equivalent insulation material to UL-recognized electrical equipment.


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Adding Equivalent Insulation Materials to UL Equipment